A completely new kind of game with numbers which combat each other. Invest 10 minutes to learn the basics. You like brain games? This is a game for you!

This is a strategic number game in which numbers become actual values. Each move will influence the following moves. There are over 400 quintillion (UK) / nonillion (US) possibilities to play this game, so you will need some time to find out what works best (OK, we wanted to make sure you play forever!). Invest only about 10 minutes to learn the basics. There is some contextual in-game-help as well.

Each number (token) has a function, except tokens 8 and 9 which do not influence the score - we recommend to place tokens 8 and 9 at the beginning, but it's your choice...

The game ends when all token are placed. 

Find out the function of each token by clicking on the corresponding number above.

Calculate your chances and (try to) beat the AI! Go for level 1 first and increase levels as soon as you beat the AI more than about 50-60% of times.

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