Webtext & Design

Parolamix (with the emphasis on the second "a"): from Parola (it.)- the word. Mix – the mixture . Because the word on the web still defies the (moving) image, and the good mix brings it! To find web pages, you have to enter words. Why does everyone always talk about "web design"? Rather, we should speak of "web texts", or even better "text weaving".

Parolamix is a full-time communications manager in a Swiss engineering company and has brought its websites up to speed", e.B. on Google.Part-time, Parolamix creates and optimizes websites and apps and is active in the market research industry.

The services include the tracking of positions in the search engines, the error analysis, the semantic analysis and the management of the renovation of the website as well as the management of advertising campaigns in search engines (Parolamix is Google Ads / Adwords certified since May 2015.)

For an e-commerce store, Parolamix was able to increase the number of visitors of relevant visitors (i.e. without webbot visits) by 70%. The content optimization of the page has led to a higher purchase rate (or "conversion").